Biohacking Your Lifestyle.

Chewbase provides everything you need with one of the most affordable microbiome testings in the world. All the tools you require to cook efficiently while maximizing your time at home with meal offerings that match your lifestyle, nutrition, and linked to your gut bacteria. Level up by simplifying online grocery shopping with meal kits created by your favorite food influencers, syncing to ingredients at home, reducing household food waste for a better ecological and sustainable planet.

Smart Meal Kits

Cook meals created by your favorite food influencers on social media, instantly adapting to each lifestyle: budget, time, nutrition goals, dietary needs, preferences, or gut microbes.

Grocery Delivery

Simplify grocery shopping with meals delivered from your local retailer. Automate your digital experience by connecting your kitchen ingredients to retailers to create meal kits.

Kitchen Sync

Reduce food waste by syncing ingredients with the kitchens of friends and family. Meal suggestions are created with your aligned preferences to best utilize your time with your network.

Self Dashboard

Analyze the food you put into your “Self” to optimize your energy, health, and nutrition. Replace or exclude food groups and ingredients that will allow your body & mind to thrive.


Suggestions for your desired lifestyle and health goals.

Pick your desired lifestyle and choose from engaging video content,
provided by our content creators, affiliates, and influencers.


“We offer the luxury of living
a lifestyle of your bodies choice,
we don't offer the chores of
grocery shopping“.


Voice-activated cooking assistant.

Chewbase is unlike any other food platform. Each meal design is guided by your voice with steps defined by food affiliates and influencers to closely follow your timing, needs, and actions in the kitchen. Up to 50% faster process, ensuring a high level of accuracy and meal outcome, to that of a high-level chef.


Individualizing nutrition based on your gut bacteria.

Microbiome constitutes 90% of the total number of cells associated with our bodies; only the remaining 10% are human cells, meaning microbiome testing is more expressive than DNA testing and the Blueprint of Human technology.

Microbiome Gut Analysis

Individualized meal kit recommendations tailored to your body. Understand how food can be your medicine by connecting it to your gut bacteria. Take back control over your health.

Know What to Eat

Our results & recommendations allow you to make informed decisions about which meals or supplements to consume to help you achieve and evolve a lifestyle beyond dieting.

Price Point

To get meaningful data and improve your health, regular microbiome testing over longer periods of time are needed. Our microbiome testing subscription is one of the most affordable in the world.

Home Privacy

Your mailed kit will include detailed instructions on how to collect and ship your sample from the privacy of your home to our lab. Receive results in your personal dashboard within our app.








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